Your Questions Answered About ‘What is Brief Psychotherapy’?

Your Questions Answered About 'What is Brief Psychotherapy'?

Brief Psychotherapy is a short-term, solution-oriented psychotherapy that is focused on one clear cut problem or situation. Q: WHAT IS BRIEF PSYCHOTHERAPY? Brief Psychotherapy is a short-term, solution-oriented psychotherapy that is focused on one clear cut problem or situation. Q: WHAT KINDS OF PROBLEMS CAN BRIEF PSYCHOTHERAPY HELP WITH? Brief psychotherapy works for certain problems depending on the duration of the presenting problem and the complexity of the problem. For example it works better for certain specific problems like adjustment issues, anxiety due to a certain stressor, grief, relationship conflicts and so on. Brief therapy tends to be most helpful for patients who have a clear understanding of their problems and a strong motivation to address these. Q: HOW MANY SESSIONS TYPICALLY HAPPEN IN BRIEF PSYCHOTHERAPY? Brief psychotherapy is time-limited therapy and hence usually includes 6-12 sessions. You and your doctor can determine the length of your sessions together. Q: WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT WORKING WITH A PSYCHIATRIST WHO DOES BRIEF PSYCHOTHERAPY? The application of brief therapy frequently involves assessing the problem(s) and developing short-term goals to help the client manage their problem. For example, client and the therapist work together to formulate short-term goals to assist the client to effectively manage problems due to depression, anxiety, grief and so on. The benefits of brief therapy are that it is conducted within the “here and now “. Hence the client and therapist will address current situations at work, life, school and relationships. Client will take home assignments and practice techniques on a daily basis. Q: IS BRIEF PSYCHOTHERAPY EFFECTIVE? Yes, it is. It is short term, solution focused and focused on the present problems the client is dealing with . If the client is motivated to work with the therapist it may be effective by itself or with a combination of medications. Q: WHICH DOCTORS AT CPCH OFFER BRIEF PSYCHOTHERAPY? All of our doctors at CPCH offer brief psychotherapy. Q: WHAT ARE SOME RESOURCES WHERE I CAN LEARN MORE ABOUT BRIEF PSYCHOTHERAPY? Here are some resources: Psychology in Daily Life – Understanding psychotherapy and how it works. Psychotherapies – Would you like to start brief psychotherapy with one of our doctors at CPCH? If so, please feel free to reach out to us at 919-636-5240 or email us at Here’s to Your Mental Health, Dr. Saramma Eappen,

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