What My Patients Love Most About Telepsychiatry Appointments

What My Patients Love Most About Telepsychiatry Appointments

My name is Dr. Jennifer Wheeler and,  I provide telepsychiatry services at Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill.  Telepsychiatry can be a wonderful experience for many patients!  Here are some of the things that my patients love most about their telepsychia

Feb 22nd, 2019


Mental health treatment can sometimes be difficult for patients to discuss. For many patients, the fear of talking about their own mental health improves by having the ability to do so from the comfort of their own home. Patients learn to love this simple change in environment and can speak freely about their concerns and goals for treatment. 


Wait time and geographical location to psychiatry services can limit treatment for patients at a time that they really need it. One thing that patients love about telepsychiatry is the reduced wait time as well the access in NC from the mountains to the coast.   

Reduction in Stigma 

One of the reasons that some patients choose not to seek psychiatry services is because of their concern for the stigma of mental illness. For many patients, this is reduced when they are able to meet with their doctor and discuss their mental health via telepsychiatry.  Many patients find that they can “test the water” in meeting with a psychiatrist for the first time and subsequently receive the treatment that they need.  

Availability in Inclement Weather 

One of the great things about telepsychiatry is the availability of services even in inclement weather. Many times, patients must risk a drive in a snowstorm, flood, or other natural disaster in order to see their doctor. The thing patients love about telepsychiatry is that they can receive the same service without ever having to risk leaving their home in bad weather.   


Overall, the thing that many patients love most about telepsychiatry is the convenience.  In telepsychiatry, there are no more waiting rooms. Patients love the luxury of logging into their personal laptop and meeting with a psychiatrist from their own homes. 

Dr Jennifer WheelerDr Jennifer Wheeler
Jennifer Ward Wheeler, DO, is a board-certified psychiatrist at Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill in North Carolina, where she treats adults with a variety of psychiatric conditions, including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and dual diagnosis disorders. Dr. Wheeler believes in treating individuals in a compassionate, evidence-based, and timely manner to improve their quality of life.


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