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For convenient and confidential mental health care, Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill offers telemedicine for patients in and outside North Carolina. Located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the psychiatric team offers comprehensive mental health support and treatment in person and through telemedicine so you can always have access to the care you need, even if you’re on a trip or can’t leave your home. Call or book a consultation online now to get started.

Telemedicine Q & A

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a form of health care provided by Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill that utilizes an internet connection for video appointments. Telemedicine appointments are available for all residents of North Carolina. Consultation appointments are available for patients outside of the state: If you live out of state, the team can write a consultation letter for you to take to a doctor in your state for prescriptions and other treatment.

Telemedicine appointments are scheduled and billed just like an in-person appointment, though they can be completed from anywhere with internet access and a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill uses the Regroup software with Zoom for telemedicine appointments, which is HIPAA-compliant to protect your privacy and confidential medical information.

What are the Benefits of Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a convenient option if you’re unable to get to the office for any of the following reasons:

  • Traveling out of town
  • Lack of transportation
  • Caring for a child or adult at home
  • A major illness that you don’t want to spread to others
  • Severe weather or dangerous driving conditions


In some cases, you may need an in-person appointment for your first visit and consultation, especially if you are prescribed a controlled substance or need an updated prescription. Telemedicine can be used for follow-up appointments similar to an in-person psychotherapy session or when you have questions about your treatment plan or medications.

How Does Telemedicine Work?

To schedule a telemedicine appointment, call the office or book a consultation online. If the team determines you’re a good candidate for telemedicine-based on your intake information, you’ll receive an email to schedule your telemedicine visit with instructions about setting up the Regroup software on your device.

Once you set up your software, log on 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Make sure you’re in a quiet, private place and use headphones if desired. At the specified time, your doctor calls you through the Regroup software for your session.

Short and long sessions up to an hour are offered. In many cases, you can schedule a telemedicine visit within 10 days. The team promises that your appointments will always begin and end on time and your visit will not be double booked.

For private and convenient telemedicine services, set up a consultation by phone or online at Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill now.