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Cognitive testing is a crucial tool to unlock the way your mind works and how you think. At Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill, the psychiatry experts use online cognitive testing to help you differentiate between mental health and cognition-related issues and behaviors. To schedule a test at the Chapel Hill, North Carolina, office, call or set up your appointment online now.

Cognitive Testing Q & A

What is Cognitive Testing?

Cognitive testing is a component of psychiatric care for the purpose of patient diagnosis and a treatment plan. There are a wide variety of cognitive tests available that can be used to your unique concerns and symptoms.

Cognitive tests check different types of memory, language recognition, and behaviors. Tests typically begin with an assessment of your symptoms, lifestyle, and daily habits. Further questioning includes an examination of cognitive skills, such as:

  • Episodic memory: remembering appointments, dates, and upcoming events
  • Retrograde memory: remembering events that happened in the past
  • Semantic memory: remembering specific words
  • Language: including fluency, grammar, and articulation
  • Executive and frontal lobe function: including logic and reasoning
  • Apraxia: a form of uncoordinated movement
  • Visuospatial ability: or your awareness of your body in space


Certain cognitive deficits can signal particular mental health issues related to attention and hyperactivity, mood disorders, and memory problems caused by Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What is the Purpose of Cognitive Testing?

The Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill team uses cognitive testing to help differentiate between problems and treatment plans. These tests can help you and the team establish strategies to function at your best at school, work, and home.

Cognitive testing is most often used in the diagnosis and treatment of memory disorders caused by dementia and Alzheimer’s. These tests can help determine the level of memory loss you have and help your team develop strategies to support your memory and identify habits you can build to remain independent.

How is Cognitive Testing Performed?

Cognitive tests are available online through Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill. After your initial consultation in the office, the team determines which cognitive tests are necessary to identify issues with memory, language, or behaviors. They’ll send the tests to you through a private website that keeps your information and medical history confidential.

The tests are a series of questions and they typically take 30 minutes or less to complete. Once you’ve completed the test, you send it electronically and the team reviews your responses.

Based on your responses, the team can better understand your mental health and develop a treatment plan for you. Treatments may include psychotherapy or medications to manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Get quick and easy cognitive testing for a more streamlined, effective mental health treatment plan at Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill. Call or schedule your appointment online now.