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Child mental health is a major concern for parents today, making it crucial to have a psychiatrist you can count on. At Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, psychiatrist Jessica K. Hairston, MD, FAPA, offer young patients, and their parents, appointments without a wait. The doctors coordinate care with your child’s other therapists, doctors, and school to help your child succeed. Book a child mental health appointment online or by phone now.

Child Mental Health Q & A

Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill

What Happens During My Child's Consultation?

During your child's initial visit to Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill, your child's doctor gets acquainted with them. This consultation visit is around 90 minutes and includes time with you and your child separately, and then with you and your child together.

During this appointment, your child's doctor evaluates them to determine which psychiatric condition they meet the criteria for if any. If your child has a psychiatric diagnosis, their psychiatrist can create a treatment plan customized for their unique needs.

What Kind of Questions Will the Doctor Ask?

The first visit includes many detailed questions, covering all aspects of your child's past and current life. Your doctor asks questions about all of the following areas:

  • Your child's early development
  • Your child's medical history
  • Family medical history
  • Your child's past and present emotional and behavioral problems
  • Your child's academic performance and their behavior at school
  • Your child's behavior in social situations

The team uses the information gathered from these questions, along with information from other caregivers like your child's pediatrician and school counselor, to make a diagnosis and determine whether treatment is needed.

What Tests are Used in My Child's Mental Health Evaluation?

It depends on the situation. In some cases, the comprehensive history and observations of your child are sufficient to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. In other situations, your child's doctor may recommend the following.

  • Speech/language tests
  • Psychoeducational tests
  • Occupational therapy tests
  • Comprehensive physical tests
  • Blood tests

Your child's psychiatrist only makes a diagnosis after gaining a full understanding of your child's history and needs.

What Kind of Treatment Does the Doctor Prescribe?

Your child's psychiatrist prescribes treatment according to what will work best for your child. This treatment may include:

  • Play therapy: expressing thoughts and feelings through play
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: replacing unhealthy behaviors with more constructive ones
  • Insight-oriented therapy: conversation-based therapy
  • Supportive therapy: listening and gentle support from the doctor

Additionally, your child's psychiatrist can recommend medication suited for your child's particular concerns. For children with serious psychiatric issues, adding medication to therapy can greatly enhance their recovery.

Get your child the help they need now. New patients can call Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill or make an appointment with the online scheduler for a child mental health consultation today.