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When your teen needs help for his mental health condition, choosing a dedicated doctor experienced in adolescent psychiatry is the first step. At Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Jessica K. Hairston, MD, FAPA, can support your teen with problems like social anxiety, depression, phobias, and other mental health issues that are keeping your teen from living their fullest life. Use the online booking tool or call the office to schedule an adolescent psychiatry consultation now.

Adolescent Psychiatry Q & A

What Happens During an Adolescent Psychiatry Consultation?

An adolescent psychiatry consultation at Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill is 90 minutes long, allowing sufficient time for a comprehensive evaluation of your teen's mental health and wellness. Your teen's psychiatrist gathers information in many ways, including:

  • A private discussion with you and your teen separately
  • Speaking with you and your teen at the same time
  • Reviewing information from other medical caregivers
  • Reviewing information from your child's school teachers or counselors

If your teen meets the criteria for a psychiatric diagnosis, the doctor can build an effective treatment plan based on your teen's needs.

Because adolescent patients need to feel that they play an active role in decision making, your doctor discusses all treatment plans with your teen before implementing changes.

Will My Teen Need Additional Testing?

After speaking with you and your teen and reviewing records, your teen's psychiatrist may need further information to create an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. In this case, the doctor may recommend additional testing, such as:

  • Speech/language tests
  • Psychoeducational tests
  • Occupational therapy tests
  • Comprehensive physical tests
  • Blood tests

Usually, your teen's psychiatrist can make a diagnosis and start treatment during the consultation. However, if extra tests are needed, your teen may not get a diagnosis or start treatment until the follow-up visit after the doctor considers all the information.

What Type of Treatment Works best for adolescent patients?

Every teen is unique, so your teen's Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill psychiatrist tailors treatment for their specific needs. Recommended therapy approaches may include the following:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: retraining unhealthy habits into more productive ones
  • Insight-oriented therapy: conversation-based therapy that leads to valuable insights
  • Supportive therapy: gentle support and positive reinforcement from the doctor

Medication is often another component of adolescent psychiatric treatment, particularly when significant issues exist. By combining medication and psychiatric therapy, your teen may have a faster and smoother transition into a healthier and happier state of mind.

New patients can call Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill or make an appointment online for an adolescent psychiatry consultation.