What Makes Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill Different?

Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill was founded and is owned by Dr. Jennie Byrne an adult psychiatrist who has a new vision for practicing Psychiatry.

Dr. Byrne has worked in many different settings as a psychiatrist and she wanted to build a practice that placed a high emphasis on excellent patient care.

So, this is how our practice is different and what you can expect to receive.

1. No Wait Times: Dr. Byrne wanted to make sure that our patients never have to wait to see their doctor and built her entire practice model around no wait times. You see many doctor offices book anywhere from 6-10 appointments per hour (to account for no-shows and late cancellations). This means that many patients have to wait sometimes up to 6 hours before they see their doctor. But, not at CPCH. You are seen on-time because your time is valuable to us.

2. Same Day or Next Day Urgent Appointments: Mental health is very important and when patients are in crisis it usually means they need to see someone right away. However, it can sometimes take months before patients can get into see a psychiatrist. Therefore at CPCH we’ve made it possible to ensure that each day there is availability for patients who need to see a psychiatrist immediately.

3. Access to Your Doctor 24/7: At CPCH our doctors are on call and available for you if you need immediate attention or are in crisis 24/7. This is so crucial for patients experiencing mental health issues and we are here for our patients when they need us most.

4. Phones are Answered and Calls Returned: CPCH has a very strong, well trained and patient focused administrative staff who are here to answer your questions, provide you with additional assistance or information that you might need and, of course, handle all of your scheduling and medication refill needs.

5. Chat with our Staff Online: One of our unique features is that you can chat with us online via our website. This allows our potential patients to seek more information about our practice and even make an appointment without having to pick up the phone. College students especially love this feature.

6. Willingness to Collaborate with Your Therapist: Your doctor will be happy to collaborate with your therapist or other health professionals provided you sign a release form. This will enhance your care and well being as you embark on getting mentally healthy.

7. Patients Help Decide Their Treatment Options: At CPCH we take a more holistic approach and our patients are a big part of their own treatment plan. This means that if you elect not to take medications, your doctor will support that decision and help you find other treatment options. This also means that your doctors are taking a look at your entire medical history as well as many other factors when a new patients comes in for their first appointment. This is crucial in providing the best care possible.

Do you have any additional questions about CPCH? Please feel free comment below or start a chat with one of our administrative staff. We are here to help.

Live Mentally Healthy,
Dr. Jennie Byrne

Dr. Jennie Byrne, M.D., PhD. With over 15 years of medical expertise, Jennie Byrne, MD, PhD, is a board-certified psychiatrist with experience treating mental health conditions in adults, including dementia, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, and depression. After practicing in New York City for 12 years, Dr. Byrne relocated to North Carolina in 2008; she currently cares for patients in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, at Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill. Dr. Byrne earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She then received her doctorate from New York University Department of Neurophysiology. She also has a doctorate of medicine from New York University School of Medicine. Dr. Byrne went on to complete a psychiatry residency at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York. In addition to her work as a psychiatrist, Dr. Byrne has performed extensive research on attention, memory, and depression. As a board-certified adult psychiatrist, Dr. Byrne focuses on the needs of each patient to pro

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