Tips on Self Care

Do you struggle to find the time to take care of yourself? If you are in the habit of prioritizing work, chores and others over yourself you may find you are overextended and exhausted.

What is ‘self care’ and how to go about it?

It is quite simple- it is taking care of yourself the best way you can. Just like you take care of your loved ones. There is no rigid mantra or one size fits all strategy for self care. I firmly believe being able to prioritize self-care in your busy life is a big win. Anything that helps you relax and have fun qualifies as a self-care activity. It may involve listening to your favorite playlist, taking time to enjoy your cup of coffee/tea, taking a leisurely walk, or even taking a nap. There are many ways you can care for your body- exercise, yoga, massages, sports or just more rest and sleep.

Self-care is important for your mental health as well. Take the time to be with friends, to talk on the phone, to indulge in a midday walk, or an unplanned coffee stop in the middle of a busy day. When you are feeling low or stressed- reach out to a friend, a loved one or a professional.

Being able to take care of yourself is a learned skill; so don’t be disheartened if this something you don’t do yet or if this does not come naturally to you. You can start by being kind to yourself, and self-care will follow.

Live Mentally Healthy
Dr. Bhattacharya

Dr. Sayanti Bhattacharya

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