The Honest Truth About Methadone Treatment

A common replacement opiate therapy, Methadone is an option for recovering addicts that requires daily attention and maintenance. As a therapy not prescribed by us here at Cognitive Psychiatry, we thought we would share the honest truth on Methadone treatment, for those who are looking into it for themselves or their loved ones.


Methadone is used as a replacement therapy for opiates like heroine, as a way to curb and lessen the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. Administered daily, it is one of the most controversial methods of opiate recovery used today because it works like an opiate drug.


Because Methadone is a replacement therapy, it offers similar feelings for those going through the treatment as heroine, morphine, or other opiates offer. While less severe, Methadone is still argued to create addiction in the participant of the treatment.


Methadone is a strictly physician-administered treatment that requires daily monitoring by the physician. As a result, those who hold jobs or other important daily tasks will find it hard to keep a normal routine with work and life while going through this type of treatment.


At Cognitive Psychiatry, we offer a variety of different treatment options for opiate addiction. These treatments include a replacement therapy medication called Buprenorphine or Suboxone, and a prescription for a Naltrexone shot (however, we do not administer the shot). Our physicians also regularly help patients with the admittance process for certain treatment facilities and/or programs.


Do you have more questions about Methadone treatment that were not answered here, or would like a consultation to discuss the treatments Cognitive Psychiatry administers? If so, contact us or give us a phone call at (919) 636-5240, today!

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