Students Balance College, Work, And a Social Life with These 7 Tactics

College students balance a lot and not just their course load. For some, it may seem overwhelming, which can lead to anxiety and/or depression, especially as a Freshman. Balancing course work, a job, and a social life doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are 7 tips to help you succeed!

  1. Master your calendar – whenever possible, take a course syllabus and map it out week by week, day by day, hour by hour, on your calendar. This helps avoid procrastination and stress.
  2. Stock the mini-fridge with healthy snacks and frozen meals so your body gets nutrients it needs to stay active.
  3. Walk to class whenever possible to get extra physical activity.
  4. Party in moderation – have a big social event once a week or a few smaller social events throughout the week.
  5. Learn how to say no – so you don’t overextend yourself.
  6. Work smart – night shifts may pay more but set you up for problems during the day.
  7. Get help – if you are struggling, reach out to your student mental health center. Don’t wait until crisis strikes!

To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today at (919) 636-5240.

Live Mentally Healthy,
Dr. Jennie Byrne

Dr. Jennie Byrne, M.D., PhD.

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