Meet Tony Wall - our CPCH Patient Care Coordinator

Tony is a North Carolina native with over 20 years in the service industry. He attended Durham Technical College where he received a degree in Business Administration in 1991. He enjoys serving his community in numerous church outreach programs which includes feeding the homeless and clothing give aways. Tony is very involved in his church community and serves on the Trustee board. Tony joined the CPCH team in October 2013. He came in the medical field with an abundance of care and compassion for others. He can be found multi-tasking with greeting on the phones, talking to patients, coordinating intakes and handling patient billing issues. Tony became involved in the Psychiatry field because he experienced past issues with family and friends who struggled with opioid addiction and wanted to some way help and give back. Tony is a die-hard NC State fan and will be happy to discuss stats with you anytime. To reach Tony please call 919-636-5240 option #2.

Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill

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