Meet Jimmy Pleasants - the CPCH Office Manager

Jimmy has been a resident of the state of North Carolina for 12 years, after moving from Tennessee. He attended Southern Adventist University where he achieved a B.S. In Business Administration. Jimmy received his A.S. In Clinical Laboratory Science from Alamance Community College, and for 12 years has held senior management positions in the service industry. Jimmy has been eager to combine his management skills with his passion for healthcare, and has a deep, personal understanding of mental illness. He has lived with a brother who was diagnosed with a brain disorder twelve years ago, and he has seen how proper treatment has led his brother to a satisfying and productive life. Due to the profound impact of this experience, Jimmy continues to support, advocate, and educate others regarding the misunderstanding and intolerance associated with brain disorders and mental health issues. His journey has given him a deep and heartfelt appreciation for patients, families, and mental health providers, and he is excited to be a member of the CPCH team!

Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill

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