Happy Anniversary!

Cognitive Psychiatry (CP) is one year old! When I reflect on this year, it is rewarding to think about the growth of CP and exciting to think about future directions.

This year, CP incorporated technology in multiple ways to improve patient care. Some of these technology projects included:
• customization and implementation of a complete electronic medical record certified for meaningful use by the federal government
• electronic prescribing to minimize wait time and confusion at the pharmacy
• electronic calendar and scheduling with automatic email reminders for appointments
• televideo appointments that can be done from any computer with camera and internet connection*

CP also began offering enhanced psychoeducation resources online:
• free videos for general public
• educational video series for nurses and hospital staff
• two texts for physicians – available via e-book or as PDF on website

Additional specialty training and certification were completed:
• Allied Team Training for Parkinsons’ disease
• prescription of buprenorphine (suboxone) for opiate dependence

Looking forward, here are some of the projects CP is currently working on:
• online patient portal where patients will have secure access to their medical history
• adult ADHD apps for use on android phones, iphones, and ipads
• psychoeducation video series on adult ADHD
• psychoeducation video series for caregivers of people with dementia

Thank you for your support this past year and I look forward to working together in the future!

*Please note that televideo appointments are only used in special situations, contact me if you have more questions about this option.

Live Mentally Healthy,
Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill

Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill

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