3 Tips to Getting Back Into the School Routine

Focus on Bedtime

Transitioning back in to a good sleep routine can be hard after your summer break! To get back in to a good sleep pattern:

Morning Routines

Getting back to waking up early, getting ready for school, commuting to school etc. can be hard! Set up an alarm that will help you to wake up on time. If you are in the habit of pushing the snooze button on your phone or alarm several times, then keep the alarm clock away from your arm’s reach. Try to follow a morning routine each day. For example:

  1. brush teeth
  2. shower
  3. dress up
  4. have breakfast

If you are in the habit of packing a lunch try to get it ready the previous night. Doing your grocery for a week at a time and having snacks and meal prep items handy also helps.

Home works/Assignments

Having a dedicated time to do your homework and assignments each day and following this on a regular basis helps. Turn off any kind of distractions like cellphones, TV etc. while you do your homework. Find a good spot where you can do your work and having materials handy like paper, pen, calculator etc. helps. Follow this routine and try to use this dedicated time each day to improve learning even when you do not have any assignments or deadlines that you need to keep.

Happy Back to School!

Dr Saramma Eappen

Dr. Saramma Eappen

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