7 Strategies on How to Avoid Conflict Situations

7 Strategies on How to Avoid Conflict Situations

While it is good to learn how to manage inevitable conflict situations, sometimes we can avoid conflict situations with a little planning and think. Here are 7 strategies to try:

1) timing around your moods – everyone has times of the day or days of the week when they are more tired, stressed, or irritable – try to be alone during those times, or schedule low-key tasks during those times
2) timing around others’ moods – if someone at home or work tends to be tired, stressed, or irritable at certain times, try to avoid interacting with them during those times
3) SLEEP! this must be a priority – if you are chronically sleep-deprived you will be more irritable and more likely to get sucked into the conflict
4) if you have high-drama people in your life, consider scheduling routine times to interact with them – if you interact routinely they might be less likely to impulsively contact you with their drama
5) use your schedule to create buffers for stressful activities – for example, if you have a lunch date with a stressful family member, create some time on your schedule after the lunch date to take a long walk by yourself so that you can clear your mind before heading home
6) don’t sweat the little stuff – sometimes if you ignore all the little annoying things someone does, it builds up over time and explodes with a large conflict which confuses the other person – try using the STABEN method (place link to other blog/video here) to address small conflicts before they become large conflicts
7) talk to yourself in the mirror – this may sound extreme, but spending a little time writing down conversation points and practicing them in the mirror might help you avoid a conflict during a difficult conversation with a difficult person

Live Mentally Healthy,
Dr. Jennie Byrne

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