6 Ways to Feel Happier During the Holidays

When we think about holidays, it means something different to all of us. To some, it means being with family. To others it means shopping. To some others it means receiving gifts. To some, it means traveling and to some other people’s it means food, cooking and so on. Here are 6 ways to feel happier during the holidays.

1. Make a list

You have to focus on what is important to you. Focus on the simple joys, being with family or friends, showing them appreciation by simple expressions like a hug, saying how much they mean to you rather than planning on buying the most expensive gifts. You have to understand that simple expressions of love and care are the ones that actually last a lifetime, not the most expensive gift that you were able to buy from store.

Focus on what is important to you.
Make a list this holiday season.

For example:
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Food
4. Fun

2. Socialize

Find a way to do that this holiday season. Invite family or friends over for dinner or a drink. Invite colleagues or a friend from church. Being around people is an effective way to be happy during the holidays.

3. Festivities

Try to remember what your tradition is. If not make your own tradition. If you celebrate Christmas – then setting up a tree, lighting up your home, getting involved in a church where there is carol singing or other celebrations for Christmas are good ways to have fun. If not, try to find out what else is going on in your neighborhood. May be there is a Christmas parade or concert that may interest you. If you have small kids then may be a visit with Santa may be fun. So think about something fun this holiday season.

4. Giving

Giving is an effective to way to feel happy. Find a way to help someone. It can be that lonely old lady who comes to your church or the neighbor who has no one around to help him this holiday season. You could help out by simple acts of kindness like help set up a Christmas tree or taking a batch of homemade cookies. Try to do some research about what kind of help is needed in your community this holiday season and try to help. You could volunteer at a soup kitchen. To find soup kitchens in your area – visit FeedingAmerica.com and enter your location. You could also drop off food at the local food bank. You can help by reading to children at the nearest library or reading to seniors at the senior care center near you. You could also help by sending care packages to our soldiers. Military.com has a helpful list of things to send people who are deployed, and SupportOurTroops.org has simple directions for assembling and mailing care packages to overseas military. If you are an animal lover you can volunteer at the animal shelter or donate food.

5. Memory lane

Holidays for most of us come only once a year. So it’s always fun to have photographs taken during this time of the year. You can either make it formal or have it casual. You can make your own memory book by taking pictures of people, places, fun things you did, new recipes you tried and so on. It’s fun to sit down with family, kids or friends and go down the memory lane, sharing your experiences, showing them pictures from years ago. It’s a good way to connect with family and friends, and to teach kids what it meant to you.

6. Stay healthy

This is the time of the year when you should also give importance to your health. Find ways to continue your exercise routine if you have one. If not find simple ways to stay fit. Try to find fun things to do with your family like going hiking, walking, biking and so on. Be cautious about what you eat, it’s the time of the season when everyone wants to indulge themselves in all the goodies. Try to skip that cheese cake and try something else that does not add calories to your body. Cut back on the alcohol. Sleep well. If you are someone who cannot deal with the stress of the holiday season, then you need to schedule an appointment with your therapist or psychiatrist, try to have a crisis plan in place.

Dr. Eappen

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