5 Signs You Are Around Toxic People

5 Signs You Are Around Toxic People

Have you ever heard someone described as “toxic”? One way to think about this is that relationships are like chemistry experiments – some people combine in a way that is “toxic” to each other under certain environments. Just because someone is “toxic” to you doesn’t mean that they are “toxic” to everyone else, and it doesn’t mean that they will always be “toxic” to you. Here are 5 signs that you are around too many toxic people:

  1. You feel bad or guilty when you are in a good mood, and you avoid sharing the good news with others.
  2. You feel like you are “walking on eggshells” all the time.
  3. You have a feeling of dread every morning about what other people might do or say to you.
  4. You feel like you have to put on a mask when you are around other people because you are worried about what might happen if they saw the “real” you.
  5. You are constantly making excuses for other’s bad behavior.

Live Mentally Healthy,
Dr. Jennie Byrne

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