5 Non-medication Ways to Manage Stress

5 Non-medication Ways to Manage Stress

Stress can be a part of everyday life. We often deal with stress at home, at work, with friends, when we travel, at school, etc. and we often get worried about our past and out future. Here are 5 techniques to reduce stress with the help of your five senses.


Most of us are nature lovers. Just think about what helps you to relax most when you spend your time out doors. Take a hike; absorb th

e beauty of nature around you. Walk by a lake or a stream; look at the water as it flows. Imagine your problems flowing away from you and take a deep breath and relax. Look at the flowers as they bloom in your garden. Look at the colors. What is your favorite color? Find how many things you can see in nature th

at has that color. Look at them and feel the joy it brings to your heart. Take a walk in the nearest park. Find a window in your house or apartment that gives you a view of the nature outside. Sit by it and look at the skies. What color is the sky today? Observe how the clouds change their shapes. Look at the sun set; enjoy the colors in the sky as the sun sets in the evening. Take a walk to the beach. Look at the vast ocean, the waves, the sand, and the birds. What is it that you love the most in nature? Collect pictures or plants that make you happy and decorate your space at home or office. Use soothing colors and positive pictures in your room.


When was the last time you were able to stop and smell that flower that just bloomed in your garden? Take a few minutes each day to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy the air around you. What are the different smells around you? The smell of rain, flowers as they bloom, grass, leaves, scented candles, your shampoo, coffee, chocolates, cakes. Take few minutes every hour to pause and breathe. Set reminders or downloads apps on your phone or watch to do so. Carry your favorite fragrance in your pocket and take it out and smell it several times during the day.


Stop and listen to the world around you. The sound of the wind , the sound of rain, your partners voice , your child’s laughter ,music , the sound of water fall, birds chirping . There are lots and lots of sounds all around you. Find your favorite. Do it several times a day. If you have no access to nature sounds, use recordings.


Do you remember how much it helped you to relax when you held your friend’s or partner’s hands when you were afraid? Hold hands with your spouse, hug your child, and hold your pet close to you. Feel the leaves and flowers with your fingers when you go for a walk. Remove your shoes and walk bare foot on the grass or at the beach. Feel the texture of an orange before you eat it. Get a massage.


Notice the different flavors in your mouth as you eat a piece of chocolate or your favorite dish next time. Is it sweet, salty, sour or spicy? When you eat or drink, go at a slower pace and see how calming it can be. Next time you feel stressed, try cooking something that you like. Share it with a friend – see how much it helps you to relax.

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Dr Saramma Eappen